ILADESIGN is a studio for unique gold and silver jewellery metal art and design created by the artists Lydia Ilarion and Marin Marino -equal partners since ©'81. The work shown here illustrates the wide range of projects their creative team have accomplished in the last ten years. It includes some of the artists exhibition works, unique pieces and commissioned work for galleries and private collectors..



Lydia Ilarion

Marin Marino

Ancient Gold Collection


™ This sign is a trade mark of ILADESIGN•™, Sofia'81 and appears on the work of the studio. All of the pieces shown on this web site are property of ILADESIGN © and the right to produce them is reserved. Copyright ILADESIGN.Reg © '98 Web site design and maintenance by Lydia Ilarion, ILADESIGN ©'98. Photography by Marin Marino, ©Marino'99.
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